What we do

Transform beer “waste” into premium baked goods.

Let’s set the record straight: we shouldn’t be calling it waste. Arguably, we have been throwing away the healthiest part of the grain for years – the fiber and the protein. Since we love beer, we wanted a creative way for people to still benefit from the “whole” grain. Our solution lets you have your beer and a healthy cookie (or bread) too.

Why we do it

Two Big Problems - One Convenient Solution

Food waste numbers have climbed to crazy levels here in Canada (almost 60%) and breweries have not been immune to this problem. Diabetes rates are also climbing at an alarming rate with 1/3 of Canadians diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Changes in our diet (namely increased fiber intake and decreased sugar) are critical in reversing this trend. Conveniently, have you seen what's in Susgrainable's Upcycled Barley Flour? Take a look

How we do it

The magic behind it all

Technology has evolved greatly in the food sector. While it wasn't easy to figure out (over 2 years and too many hours to count) we knew deep down it would be worth it. We are now able to quickly dehydrate barley from craft breweries into our Signature Upcycled Barley Flour. From this flour we have begun crafting an array of delicious baked goods and mixes. That's our story in a nutshell... who's ready to try?

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