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How does someone get the idea to turn beer waste into delicious, healthy cookies? That’s a great question, and the short answer is through a lot of hard work filled with trial and error.


It all began when a friend mentioned a problem experienced by most local craft breweries in the Vancouver area. With craft beer becoming increasingly popular, local craft brewers were utilizing increasing amounts of barley, therefore producing increasing amounts of spent grain. Spent grain previously has been composted and used as animal feed, but with the increasing quantities, more is now ending up being wasted.


A group of environmentally and health conscious individuals began brainstorming and came across studies about the viability of using spent grain for human consumption. Not only is spent grain edible, it is incredibly healthy. Beer production utilizes most of the sugar from the barley, leaving behind a great source of fibre and plant-based protein while being low on the glycemic index.


After speaking with numerous bakers in Vancouver, the next task was to make healthy baked goods that tasted delicious. At the earliest stages, this proved quite challenging, but a few individuals from the group knew delicious treats were possible and persisted. Susgrainable Health Foods Inc. was born in May 2018 from all this hard work, founded by three tenacious young entrepreneurs.


With 5 delicious baked treats, Susgrainable is now looking to spread the awareness of this healthy and delicious upcycled product. The circular economy, where humans do a better job at utilizing our finite resources, is a model that Susgrainable is passionate about. We always welcome feedback on our products and look forward to working with anyone that has a similar vision for the future. Please feel free to reach out to us with inquiries, feedback and questions. Also, feel free to follow us on Instagram @Susgrainable to get the latest news as we continue to expand our reach. Thanks for reading our story.