Our Team

Marc Wandler

Marc has over 10 years of operational experience within commercial aviation, 7 years of frontline healthcare experience, an MBA from UBC, and a BSc from Western. So what is he doing running a food company?


Marc's passion has always been healthy living, with food, sports and travel.  He enjoys how these things bring people together and couldn't say no to this unique opportunity. Marc is always looking for his next adventure, and what an adventure it's been so far. Marc can talk about Susgrainable for hours, so feel free to re-direct him with any sports lingo or talking about your recent trip.

Clinton Bishop

Clinton knows the value of a strong work ethic, having grown up on a large-scale farm. Clinton has a BA in political science, 2 years of experience in municipal government, and 4 years of experience in provincial health. Your food has never been safer with Clinton overseeing production.

Clinton's favorite thing above all is sleep... something that does not mesh well with running a start-up. Lucky for us, food and delicious drinks are also high on the list of things he loves. If you come across Clinton at a Farmers' Market make sure to come say "hi" if he doesn't say hi first... he may just be daydreaming about his bed.

Bruno Athayde

Head Baker


Bruno is a French trained baker, has a background in Economics and hails from Brazil. Bruno is a determined and inventive individual that enjoys the challenge of creating new recipes.


We are thankful Bruno enjoys a challenge, as a French trained baker's favorite ingredient is butter. With a growing plant-based line-up at Susgrainable, Bruno has adapted and keeps tweaking our signature vegan butter recipe to achieve perfection in every one of Susgrainable's recipes. When not baking for others, Bruno enjoys eating out, spending time with his pup and connecting with his family in Brazil.

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